How To: Adding Videos To YouTube Channel


Please follow the steps below to promote your video on your channel. 

1.     Find the YouTube video you’d like on your channel

2.     Click this button, found underneath the video to the right of “share”: 

3.     It will expand to the screenshot below.  

a.  image002

4.     Select “Create new playlist”

5.     Name your playlist and select “create”

6.     Go to your YouTube channel Home Page

7.     At the bottom of your screen you should see a button that says “+ Add a section”, click that.

8.     Fields should be entered as noted below:

a.   Content: Single Playlist

b.   Layout: this is up to you but I prefer Horizontal row

c.    Choose a playlist: My Playlists

d.   When you drop down to select an option under “Find playlist…”,  choose the playlist you created in step 5

9.     Select the blue “done” button

10. You can move the section you just created up by using the “^” button at the top right when you hover over the playlist line item. 

a.  image003