Understanding SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions



If you want your website to stand out in search results, I recommend spending some time on your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Titles and Meta Descriptions.


What are they?

Your SEO Title is the header/name of the page in the search results. Your Meta Description is the description below that header. In the example below, “Coldwell Banker: Real Estate and Homes for Sale” is the header and “View all Coldwell Banker area homes for sale with our comprehensive MLS search. Find school details, open house listings, local real estate agents and more” is the meta description.


To organically build your presence on search engines, take some time to think about what your website is about and what search criteria a potential client might use. SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions are advertisements designed to entice prospects toclick on your website listed in the search engine results.

SEO Titles and Descriptions are important for increasing user engagement and improving click-through rates. Higher click-through rates will increase your search rankings.  


Where should you start?

For SEO Keyword inspiration, I recommend checking out this website: https://marketingartfully.com/2013/06/19/real-estate-marketing-100-great-seo-keywords-for-realtors/. They’ve already gathered relevant key terms for real estate websites. Please don’t simply copy and paste these phrases into your SEO Titles and Descriptions. Take some time to think about what your prospects are searching for on Google and write your Title and Description so that they’ll grab the prospect’s attention.  


Your SEO Title should be unique to each page, well-written and relevant to the content on the page. Use important keywords and phrases at the front of the title so it grabs the viewer’s attention. Get your message across fast in under 65 characters.


Your Meta Description should be unique to each page, provide more detail about what your page is about, be well-written and include a call to action. Please make your descriptions under 160 characters.


How to edit your SEO Titles and Meta Descriptions on InTouch:

1. Go to your NRT Gateway

2. Select “Dashboard” in blue at the top left

3. Select “Account” at the top right

4. Select “Website”

5. On the left hand side, select “Pages”

6. In the drop down where it says “Select a page name”, select the page you’d like to edit your SEO Titles and Descriptions

7. At the bottom of EACH page, you’ll see a section that says “SEO Titles and Descriptions”

8. Enter your Titles and Description and select the blue “Save” button at the bottom of the page